20+ Comics That Accurately Capture The First Year Of Motherhood

As any new mom will know, motherhood isn’t easy. It’s tiring, it’s time-consuming, and, for the first couple of years at least, you’ll spend most of your days covered in baby food, bodily fluid and other random substances that won’t come out in the wash. Despite all this however, new mom Alison Wong can see the funny side of motherhood. And when you see her illustrations, you’ll see the funny side too.

The product designer and design consultant is the cartoonist behind New Mom Comics, a hilarious collection of cartoons inspired by the daily challenges she encounters while caring for her new son Elliot. Whether she’s trying to keep an eye on him, trying to get him to stop crying or trying to get him to eat something other than carpet lint, every new mom will find something to relate to in New Mom Comics. If they find the time to read them that is!


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