20 Parents Who Have The Best Sense Of Humor Ever

Humor isn’t required for parenting, but it definitely makes life a bit easier. These 20 parents know how to joke around with their kids, even when it means poking fun at themselves.
With all the stress and responsibility that comes with parenting, we sometimes forget to stop taking ourselves so seriously and crack a good joke once in a while. I for one don’t want my kids remembering me as the grumpy lady who was always busy, even if that is a reality some days. From hilarious “selfies” to epic pranks, we can all learn a thing or two from these hilarious moms and dads.

1. Looks like Dad and his friends have had a few beers! Well played, gentlemen, well played. 2. Only parents could send a “selfie” by mail and be this endearing. 3. Somebody’s been watching a little too much “Jaws” lately.