20 People Who Really, Truly Regret Leaving Their Animals With Sitters

Good pet sitters are incredibly valuable when it comes to making sure your furry buddies are well taken care of while you’re away.
Feeling comfortable with leaving your beloved cats or dogs at home is pretty difficult when you’re worrying about how their sitters will treat them. That’s why a lot of people have high standards for their pets’ caretakers and have no problem getting rid of anyone who doesn’t meet them.

These 20 people aren’t exactly what you’d call bad sitters, but they definitely had a lot of fun trying to convince the pet parents in their lives otherwise by trolling the crap out of them.

1. “I was asked to dogsit.” Then things escalated…quickly. 2. I mean, she looks pretty happy about it. 3. Leave it to Mom to make you think your dog has way more fun with her.