20 Precious Photos Of Kids With Their Adorable Dog Besties

I have a lot of great memories from growing up, but the ones that shine the brightest definitely revolve around our family dog. I love flipping through our old photo albums and remembering all the fun times.

The kids in the photos with their BFF pups below will definitely have that to look forward to, as well!

It’s impossible to deny the bond between each pooch and youngster. I’m so glad their parents were able to capture the adorable moments on camera. It honestly reminds me of my own phone, which is filled with countless pics of my little nephew and his two dog besties.

Scroll through to see some of the absolute-cutest (and sometimes funniest) examples that parents have posted on the internet!

Do you have any photos of your kids or grandkids hanging out with their favorite doggy buddies that can top the kiddos below?

1. Cozy Car Ride 2. Instant Besties 3. Sweet Dreamers 4. Avalanche Of Love 5. Keeping Watch 6. Doggy Doctors 7. Holding On 8. Head Over Paws In Love 9. Tenacious Trio 10. On The Same Level 11. Little Spoon 12. First Responder 13. Even Match 14. Love At First Sight 15. High Tolerance 16. Sharing Is Caring 17. Free Smooches 18. Baby’s First Guardian 19. Get Along, (Not So) Lil’ Doggies 20. Nap protection

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