20 Shocking Condom Confessions That Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

Well, many of us have been in situations where you just don’t know what happens next. But seriously, condoms are one such pain in *ss situation. Though this is a “miracle product” for almost every couple, it can be a real screw up if it doesn’t “co-operate”. These shocking condom confessions will make your jaw drop and give you nastiest cringe. Read on to find what these confessions are!

Here are 20 shocking condom confessions that will make your jaw drop!

1. But I guess one night stands are supposed to end even without exchanging numbers?!
2. Well, some (most) Men, don’t really like the idea of using a condom. He’s definitely one of them.
3. Whoa! That is some serious planning ahead.
4. And that is definitely some severe punishment for cheating on your spouse!