20 Rom-Coms That, Deep Down, Are Dark As Hell

Yep, there is nothing like someone ruining a perfectly lovely movie that makes you want to cry yourself to sleep. Ladies and gentle ladies, that is exactly what we are going to do here today. Prepare yourself, you are not going to enjoy it…

1. James Bond and….every single Bond female – James Bond.
2. Everybody, pretty much – Love Actually.
3. Sandy and Danny – Grease.

24 Amazing Hidden Disney Secrets Lurking In Plain Sight

For years the animators at Disney have been hiding other Disney characters in their films and all in plain sight! Here are some classic examples that will put a whole new spin on your favorite Disney classics.

1. Even Pixar makes little errors. During Elsa’s performance in Frozen, she swipes her hair and the braid seems to go right through her arm.2. In Pixar’s Big Hero 6 the photo on the Wanted poster in the police station is in fact Hans from Frozen.3. The spinning wheel in Tangled is the same one that put Aurora to sleep in Sleeping Beauty.

These 16 Fan Arts Show The Wild Side Of Disney Princesses

Everyone knows of the vast amount of Disney related art that is produced on the internet. They range from dark and creepy to light hearted and cute. There is something for everyone. The artist Jorge D. Espinosa, creates his own versions of Disney Classics. While some of them are NSFW, they are all worth checking out. Check out the artists other art over at Disney Etc.

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The wish didn’t work out exactly as expected.


Everyone is easily replaceable.