Spelling And Grammar Mistakes That Completely Ruined Everything

Everyone makes mistakes. It just so happens that these spelling/grammar mistakes were so bad that they completely changed the meaning of the sentence. The grammar Nazis among you will love this one. 1: Not knowing the difference between your and you’re is bad enough. Getting it tattooed is a whole different ball game. 2: I wouldn’t…

10 Times Autocorrect Almost Ruined Lives

Auto-correct has fucked us all over at some point, some in worse ways than others. To the poor souls who’s friendships and romances were ruined by technology; you may be embarrassed, but at least it entertains us. 1: Easy mistake to make. Cock… Dock… same thing.   2: I’m more concerned as to why she’s been using…

The Top 10 Cat Face Swaps

Snapchat’s best feature is by far its ability to swap your face with another face. We’ve all tried swapping our faces with objects and animals; most of the time with little success. Since the Snapchat craze started, Photoshop face swaps and Snapchat face swaps have flooded the internet. These 10 genius people created some of…

Big dogs who think they are lap dogs

Little Pups love to carried and played with, as they get older they might not realize how big they are compared to their humans. Here are 10 Big dogs that wish they were lapdogs

Ryan Reynolds tweets about his experiences with being a father

Logging into twitter can be quite an adventure, especially if you follow Ryan Reynolds. It can be hard to tell if it’s actually him tweeting or if Deadpool has taken over him entirely. Here are 9 tweets to follow him on his parenting shenanigans. Of course we know Ryan is just having fun being a new dad….