20 Amazing Historical Photographs You Probably Don’t Know About

Sometimes even a tiny detail can completely change our view of history. We at That One Guy With glasses collected 20 striking facts that will let you delve into the unexplored chapters of history and look at the world from a different angle.

1. And here is a picture of Germany in the 1930s. 2. A bedroom for maids, England, 1843. 3. “Successful fishing,” USSR, 1924.

20 Useful Pieces of Advice Before Going on a Trip

When going on a trip, we all want everything to be perfect. We also don’t want to waste time, money, and energy.

We at That One Guy With glasses collected for you some useful advice that can greatly facilitate any trip and help to get rid of many unnecessary worries.

1. ’Fragile’ stickers 2. A different meal on a plane 3. Careful clothes storage

20 Indecently Cool Things I Will Buy When I Become a Millionaire

Owning a comfortable, stylish, and amazingly beautiful home is probably the dream of everyone upon reaching adulthood. Even if we still don’t have enough living space to bring all our design ideas to life, we can at least dream of what our ideal dwelling would look like.

We here at That One Guy With glasses have put together 20 awesome things that will help you build your “dream” home.

1. A wine storage cabinet with rare vintages 2. A cozy library where you can spend some time alone with your books 3. A tent that lets you admire the starry sky

20 utterly magnificent doors from around the world

Functional, solid, and welcoming, we tend not to give them a second thought. A literal gateway between one place and the next, there is a majestic mystery in what wonders might be found behind a closed door. That One Guy With glasses have curated a selection of the most beautiful and unusual doors from around the world, from the regal, to the rustic and the downright magnificent.

1. Miami, Florida, USA 2. Chefchaouen, Morocco 3. Jodhpur, India

20 Simple Tricks to Keep Your Clothes and Shoes in Perfect Condition

Here are 20 simple tricks which can help keep your clothes and shoes in immaculate condition.

1. To keep your shirt tucked in all day make a pleat at the side of each hip. Use your thumb and index finger to “pinch” towards the back any excess fabric from the side seams. 2. You can tuck loose jeans into shoes using the following method: 3. Mix together detergent and baking soda in a bowl. Use an old toothbrush to wipe the solution onto the white soles of trainers and converse shoes. This will help keep them clean.

20 Best Friend Tattoos

Are you and your best friend really, really close? Close enough to go on a double date? Close enough to travel thousands of miles on vacation together? Well, how about getting a tattoo together? Surely getting inked for life would be the ultimate test of friendship! Here are 20 pairs of best buddies who got cool, humorous, or matching tats, as we count through 14 Best Friend Tattoos…

1.  2.  3. 

20 Adorably Miniature Products With Full Sized Utility

I love tiny things. Tiny wallets, tiny laptops, tiny dogs. And odds are, since you’re reading this article, you do too.

So, fellow tiny aficionado, sit back and enjoy this tiny assortment of tiny products that work just as well as their full-sized brethren — from the world’s most compact blanket, to the tiniest quadcopter on the market. Whether you’re prioritizing portability or coveting cuteness, you’re sure to find something to love among these 20 lil’ products.

We hope you find these miniature products as adorably useful as we do. Just an FYI: 22 Words may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

1. These Miniature Versions Of Big Glasses That’ll Make You Feel Like A Giant2. This Tiny Melting Pot You Absolutely Need For Summer BBQs3. This Little Double-Duty Rolling Pin That’ll Save So Much Drawer Space

20 Incredible Hotels That Will Leave You Speechless

Spending a vacation in a flying saucer or an underwater capsule, admiring the world of tropical fish and coral, or alternatively in a kingdom of ice or even in a lighthouse — even one night in these hotels is guaranteed to be an adventure.

That One Guy With glasses has put together a selection of 20 of the most unusual hotels from around the world you’ll want to visit straightaway.

1 Société Duvetnor2. Montana Magica Lodge3. The “Mountain-Top Igloo” Hotel

20 Ingenious Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained All Day Long

Children have so much energy that sometimes it seems they’ll bring the house down if you can’t think of something for them to do. It’s an eternal problem for parents with children of all ages: how can I keep them busy?

Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of 21 suggestions you might want to try. They vary in terms of what age they work best for, but we’re convinced that they’re all perfect in their own way for keeping your kids busy when it’s raining outside.


1. Play ’Star Wars’2. Use a plastic bottle to make bubbles3. Make your own umbrella

20 Unusually Cool Baby Names That Celebrities Have Given Their Kids

The Hollywood elite really seem intent on alienating themselves from normal Americans like you, me, or Mike Rowe! Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named their child Apple, and of course there’s Sage Moonblood, the son of action-star Sylvester Stallone. It honestly seems like these celebrities want their children to suffer in life. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s kid named Maddox, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s Sunday Rose, and perhaps the most famous of them all: Michael Jackson’s son named Blanket.

Whenever you hear that a celebrity is about to name their new baby, it’s quite understandable to expect them to come up with something as insane as these two Australian Twins. There’s just something about fame that makes people lose their grip on reality. Like this “regular guy” who pretended to be famous for a day, enough days being treated like God would make anyone start to think they’re special.

The quantity of odd baby names out there is a bit baffling, but that’s not what this list is about. We’re here to show you that for every oddball in Hollywood, there are some regular down-to-Earth human beings who just happen to be celebrities. Here are some of the most uniquely creative, yet appropriately normal, names that Hollywood has to offer!

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1. Conan O’Brien: Beckett2. Mary-Louise Parker: William Atticus3. anne Heche: Atlas

20 Dark Comics By Gypsie Raleigh That’ll Make You See The Ugly Side Of Love!

Love, what is this word. An emotion, happy emotion? Maybe. Love has different meanings for all of us. But each one us would agree to this, at some point in time, Love hurts. We often choose to avoid this darker side of love, but this is constant. Falling in love is easy, falling out of love is hard. We are so happy when in love that we don’t realize that maybe we are expecting too much of the other person. Maybe the person is not good enough for us. But truth be told, love is not quite the fairytale romance we imagine it to be. These dark comics by Gypsie Raleigh’s on Instagram will make you feel the darker side of love that many of us don’t want to.

Caution: Not for the ones who are easily offended.

1. Who said happily always mean happiness!
2. This is too heartbreaking.
3. I hope you like the gift.

20 Brilliant Ideas for Parents and Their Kids

Parents are not only strict teachers, but often very inventive people who always think of new and fascinating ways to improve their everyday life and make it brighter.

We at That one guy eye glasses have collected 20 amazing ideas of such improvements for you to take a look at.


1. Hand gum
2. Protection from sun and insects
3. A sandbox bench

If You Keep Your Bottle Caps, You Can Do These 20 Epic Things With Them

When you pop open a bottle of beer, what do you do with the bottle cap? Throw it off to the side and forget about it? Toss it in the garbage? These are just habits that we’ve all gotten used to, but soon you’ll see that they most definitely need to be broken.

You might be thinking, “What the heck am I supposed to do with a bunch of leftover bottle caps?” Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a handy list of nifty and neat DIY bottle cap crafts below that you can use at your disposal.

1. Craft matching friendship necklaces.
2. Create a unique wreath.
3. Make some wall art.

10 Strange Things Couples Bond Over

Every relationship is different and while some couples bond by going on cute dates together, others bond in slightly more obscure ways. It’s these unusual bonding techniques that make every couple unique. Whether it’s something trivial like playing games together or something more abnormal like having sex with strangers, we all find different ways to make our connections stronger.

H/t: Whisper


Gross, but being this comfortable with each other is a good sign.



If only every girl had a guy this willing to help.