Half-life 3 confirmed????

Half-life 3 we have all joked about it, but can it actually be real?


Half-life 2 was a video game released on November 16, 2004 developed alongside Valve’s Steam software, since then fans have been eagerly awaiting a sequel.Along with jokes and memes on Facebook, the game has turned into a bit of a joking matter with fans all over hoping for a new game constantly making memes and references. But now after 12 years we might actually get a new game.

Richard Seabrook, a 25-year-old indie game developer, quit his job to spend two years creating his own version of the game. Richard begun this project as a way to apply for a job at Valve. The new Half-life fan-made game, Prospekt, was made using graphics from Half-life 2. The rights to use these were given to him by the original creators. Now this wont actually be an official sequel, but it will be available in February 2016. You can pre-order the gam for $8.99 (USD) by clicking [here]

The official gameteaser can be seen below

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