In Case You Needed a Reason To End It All Here’s The Emoji Movie Trailer

So from what i can tell the story is about a specific emoji that cant conform to what he is. Basically we have another “underdog gets help from people” story line. Typical story when you cant think of anything else. Yada yada emoji cant do his job right, so he gets help from other emojis that are not used as much by people. Yes i said “his” because emoji have genders apparently, and not only that but there seems to be a nudge to a romance between a female emoji you’ll see what i mean when you watch it. The trailer was published 5/16/2017 and already has a whopping 16k dislikes. honestly what can you expect though its a movie about fucking emojis. someone sat down one day and thought to himself “you know what would make a great movie?” “mother fucking emojis”. Hell it probably started out as a joke and now they’re in too deep. like holy fuck man this movie is going to flop. its going to get murdered on rotten tomato. anyways heres the trailer. And no im not even going to bother fixing my grammar for this shit.