20 Photos That Shows Why Women Live More As Compared To Men

When you research a bit you’ll know that out of 49 oldest people alive today, only 2 are men. Have you ever wondered why women live more as compared to men? Okay, we will tell you why! Today, both men and women lead similarly stressful lives, yet women still live more when compared to men.Some may think lifestyle has to do with it, or jobs, or risks, and so on. But the answer is less complicated than you may think.When you see some of these photos you will instantly get your answer.

1. Ironical!  2. Whoa! This man has super powers 3. Can someone tell these guys how electricity works

20 WTF Screenshots That Were Paused At The Perfect Moment!

Kids never gonna understand thisKids never gonna understand thisA video has thousands of frames and mixed emotions but the real fun is pausing at the awkward and weird moments. Here we are going to discuss the screenshots that were paused at the right moment and the timing couldn’t be any better. What surprises me is that even the cartoons threw some adult things but no one really noticed and they were smartly shown on the video. You only get to know the hidden messages when they are paused. And when it comes to the real life celebrities they are looking way too weird and even they wouldn’t be happy after seeing their expressions in a single frame. Let’s take a look at these weird and WTF screenshots.

1. What’s going on there? 2. When you have to vomit but you gotta fight first 3. When did this happen?

20 Parents Who Have The Best Sense Of Humor Ever

Humor isn’t required for parenting, but it definitely makes life a bit easier. These 20 parents know how to joke around with their kids, even when it means poking fun at themselves.
With all the stress and responsibility that comes with parenting, we sometimes forget to stop taking ourselves so seriously and crack a good joke once in a while. I for one don’t want my kids remembering me as the grumpy lady who was always busy, even if that is a reality some days. From hilarious “selfies” to epic pranks, we can all learn a thing or two from these hilarious moms and dads.

1. Looks like Dad and his friends have had a few beers! Well played, gentlemen, well played. 2. Only parents could send a “selfie” by mail and be this endearing. 3. Somebody’s been watching a little too much “Jaws” lately.

20 Mind Blowing Facts About China That Will Leave You Shocked!

A lot of people claim to know about China only by knowing a few famous Chinese dishes and products. But there are many mind blowing facts that’ll make you think Why? and How?

1. All pandas in the world are on a loan from China.(Panda lovers get moving now!) 2. There is a “cult” offshoot of Christianity that believes Jesus is currently living in China as a Chinese woman. 3. The economy grew 7 times as fast as america’s over the past decade (316% vs 46%) and it is likely that China’s GDP could overtake the U.S. GDP in less than 15 years.

20 Things Only Guys Will Understand. Girls Don’t Even Try!

As girls we often wonder about stuffs we can do as a boy, or at least try to understand. But there are some things that only guys will understand to the core. So girls, sit back and let the guys take the front seat today!

1. When you wait for your girl while she is shopping! (I agree, sometimes the wait can seem to last forever!) 2.  Nothing can stop a guy if he decides to launch a snot rocket! 3. When you officially earn your first red wings.

Have You Ever Had A Steamy Hookup In an Uber? These 20 Passengers Confessed About Theirs!

When it comes to steamy hookup there are some things you should never do! Like, you know, having a steamy hookup in an Uber! Passengers traveling in Uber should obviously not indulge in steamy hookups right there because it doesn’t turn out well. Whisper, recently asked a bunch of people to spill the beans on what really goes down when you have a steamy hookup. As you can imagine, most passengers said their steamy hookup turned into some pretty awkward situations.

1. Hooked up with 15 years younger girl? That’s Disgusting! But at least your fantasy came true! 2. So be happy about it! 3. You were there to celebrate your friend’s birthday, guess you forgot that!

20 Epic Bedroom Fails Stories That Will Make You Go ROFL!

69 is a pretty messed up number!You’ve been dating for a while, and have been hitting the first base since quite a long time. So, paying attention to your “wants” and “needs” you decide to hit the second base with your partner. You set up the mood, the atmosphere, your hormones too are preparing to shoot across the roof. But, BOOM! something awfully ill-timed thing spoils your mood and turns “bedroom goals” into epic bedroom FAILS. So, here are some of them which will make you go ROFL big time and hope that you don’t encounter one!


1. Oral is fine, choking is fatal! Just saying. -_- 2.  You might as well end up making a porno! Feeling sad for the guy, though. 3. Do not try this dangerous stunt at your home!

20 Times People Took Posing With Sculptures To Another Level

If anyone tells you that posing near a sculpture is boring, it’s only because they don’t know how to do it properly. The sculptures are alive, and you only need to turn on your imagination to see that. To illustrate what we mean, we have collected this list of funny images showing how creative people can be. The sculptures are taking selfies, shaving their armpits and even beating the poor tourists. Do you have a photo like that? Be sure to upload it below and vote for your favorites!

1.  2.  3. 

20 Unusual Photos That Offer a Whole New Perspective on the Past

We put together a collection of 20 of the most unusual and rarely seen shots which you probably never knew existed. Each one provides a fascinating new perspective on the past.


1. A school disco, 1950s. 2. The wives of the astronauts on the Apollo 8 mission at the moment they heard their husbands voices from orbit, 1968. 3. Alisa Ulpian, beauty queen. France, 1921.

20 People Share Their Creepy Moments They Experienced On Their Dates!

Going out on a date and trying to connect with the other may not always end on a happy note. Sometimes it also ends up with some creepy moments that makes us think twice before we go on dates the next time. There are millions of people out there who go out on a date. For some, it becomes the love of their life but for some, it ends up to be the worst and weirdest dates with some creepy moments.

1. Pervert!
2. He’s a psychopath! 3. Sister? Seriously?

20 People Who Were Caught at a Bad Moment

When there’s no one around, we can afford to relax a little and be ourselves. Yet it becomes really awkward when another person witnesses our weakness or mistake.

That One Guy With Glasses shows those who were caught off guard. We’re sure the people in these photos have long ago forgiven their “photographers” because the shots are really amusing.

1.  2.  3. 

20 Jokes Only People With Dark Humor Will Understand.

Have your ever caught yourself struggling with a joke? When everyone else is laughing and you are trying to figure out what makes the joke so funny. Well, you haven’t been in this situation because you are smart, aren’t you? Dark humor can be offensive, clever, morbid and it’s still considered funny. Generally, people with dark humor have high IQ and a new study proves that smart people tend to like sick jokes and love throwing them whenever possible. Here we have got some jokes from various sources that only people with dark humor will understand. Let’s take a look!

1. There you go, loners ?2. Lol! We all want that3. Oops!

20 Celebs Who Have Been Lying To Us For Years About Their Names

This may come as a major shock to you, but a lot of celebrities don’t use their real names. Recovered? Us neither. The last bastion of culture we as a race can exult in is built on a throne of lies. These celebs have been kicking back in their mansions laughing all the way to the bank as we peasants merely aspire to procreate so we can bear a child with a mononymous name who can one day reach the dizzying heights of fame like these fantastic creatures. That’s the universal dream, right? What separates us from the animals, forget that opposable thumb malarkey – wanting a famous child we can live off, that’s the stuff of dreams.

So take inspiration from some of the biggest names in pop culture who have built their careers and notoriety off their calculated web of lies.

1. Whoopi Goldberg.2. Vin Diesel.3. Tom Cruise.