These 20 Fails Definitely Did Not Nail It!

Sometimes I wonder if people ever even read the directions or watch the youtube!!

Try these at your homes at your own risk…Results may vary.

Check out this 20 fails photos that definitely did not nail it.

1. Building blueprints – Check! Getaway Vehicle – Check! Ski mask – Check! Time to rob a bank!2. Cause using a proper pie tray is too mainstream!3. Cake Pops for Christmas Vs. Cake Pops for Halloween4. Did I overdo it with the blueberries?5. Mom, I’m bringing planking back!6. So close, yet so far!7. Oven to Carrots: “I’m too hot for you!”8. I’m so winning the Science Fair!9. False advertising at its finest10. Twinkle, twinkle little star…11. Now I know why people say not to bake when you’re drunk…12. Somebody help me…I’m being kidnapped by lights!13. Either there was a blackout or all the fireflies died…14. I think I just lost my nails…15. I think they gave the wrong recipe for the cookie dough…16. 1st take versus 1000th take?!17. Devastating.18. Abstract Crayon Art gone wrong19. I think Aunt May is missing her dentures!20. Do you wanna build a snowman?