20 Awesome “Ice Cream Sandwich” Comics

Life sucks sometimes. Whether it’s the annoying little day-to-day moments getting you down, or a consuming sense of existential dread, it’s easy to start feeling like nobody understands your problems. That’s where Ice Cream Sandwich Guy comes in, and his comics just might help you laugh off some of that stubborn despair.

The artist, who actually goes by the name Ice Cream Sandwich Guy, has been publishing his painfully relatable comics on Tumblr since August 2016. By the end of that year, he had crossed over to posting short animations on YouTube. Looking at the unfortunate adventures of the simplistic figures he draws, it’s hard to hold back that feeling of déjà vu – like you’ve been there before and failed just like they did. The comedy is subtle, but hugely effective, and will probably take your mind off of being miserable for at least a few minutes.Check out some of the funniest Ice Cream Sandwich comics we could find below, and share them with the hopelessly melancholic friend in your life, provided they have a good sense of humour about it.

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