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In search of finding talented (digital) artists online, there’s no doubt you will be met with quite a lot of astounding artistry. However, Aaron Renteria’s work definitely stuck out to me. I found myself scrolling through Tumblr for hours and Aaron’s blog undoubtedly took up a big portion of that time. His style, originally inspired by
Cyanide and Happiness & Loading Artist, contains the relatable dark humor the internet loves so much, paired with the web comic format that never goes out of style! I decided to try and get in contact with him for an interview. Luckily, he was more than happy to oblige.

Aaron Renteria, more commonly known as Cowardly Comics, is just like any other 18 year old college student trying to get by. He’s currently attending college, is undecided about his major, and looking for a part-time job. He mentioned he’s never done any commission pieces since it has yet to be requested. Fortunately for all of you, he’s open to commissions! “I would absolutely love to be able to work on comics full time,” he noted. If you’re interested in working with Aaron, he’s up for using his current “cartoon-ish” style for requests. He can be contacted on several different media platforms and at for art, commission, or business queries.

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Aaron has been drawing since he was 16. He told me it’s always been more of a hobby than work, so he hasn’t turned his artwork into a career just yet. “I just do it out of my love for them,” Aaron explained. His style began evolving within months after he began posting his comics. I was thrilled to learn he still had his first web comic on hand.

“Oh boy, I remember it. It’s a bit embarrassing, but I think it helps to show that I have improved a bit.”

Aaron Renteria, or CowardlyComics, First Web Comic

I couldn’t have said it any better, Aaron. You have grown so much and it shows! Here’s an example of a more recent comic.

Web Comic Panel 1: "My parents are going away for an entire week!"Web Comic Panel 2: "That means I'll have the house all to myself." Web Comic Panel 3: "I'll be able to do whatever I want!"Web Comic Panel 4: Text Reads: "3 PM" Accompanied Image of Boy Sleeping

  • Myself: Do you have any art inspiration or goals? Like who?
  • Aaron: I am inspired by so many artists these days; to list just a few, TheOdd1sOut, A King or Whatever, Randomphilia, and a bunch more.
  • Myself: Is there anything you want to expand in your art – subject wise, drawing style, etc? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? What is your personal end goal?
  • Aaron: I really want to work on background and environmental art. In 5 years? I’d like to be working on a cartoon or in an animation studio.
  • Myself: Is there any other web comic maker that you enjoy reading? Other than yourself, of course, who is your favorite or that you would recommend to us to talk to next?
  • Aaron: I love reading all sorts of web comics; some of my favorites are BlueChair & Randomphilia.
  • Myself: Is there any artist you want to collaborate with or have collaborated with in the past? What type of project would you want it to be?
  • Aaron: I used to collaborate with a group of artists once a month for a question based comic collaboration called Orgy Collabs.

I had a wonderful time talking and working with Aaron and I believe he works very hard and has so much passion and drive in his heart. Be sure to check out his comics or even drop by and say hi and leave some helpful & positive feedback. His most popular comic thus far has been this cute ghost pun (I can’t blame y’all.)

Web Comic Panel 1: Angel to Heaven says "You committed a lot of sins while you were alive. I'm going to have to send you down below."Web Comic Panel 2: Ghost Says "What?! This is BOO-Sheet!"Web Comic Panel 3: Angel to Heaven says "Was that a pun?" Ghost Replies "maybe?"Web Comic Panel 4: Text Reads "Send to: Hell"Web Comic Panel 5: Text Reads "Send to: MEGA HELL!" with Hell crossed out


“What advice would you give to a young (or old!) blooming new web comic artist?”

Aaron @CowardlyComics: My advice would just be to draw as much as possible, every chance you have.

Stay updated on new & upcoming artists right here on Artist Spotlight!

CowardlyComics: Web Interview for Web Comics

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