Is Google racist?

Short answer no, but that was click-bait and that’s what I’m going to be explaining today.

Now I got this idea from a Facebook post I saw on Facebook this morning (shown below). The poster is trying to show how white privilege can be seen even on google, but what she doesn’t seem to know is how Google search results work. She gives two examples of the searches she made. One comparing black teenagers and the other using white teenagers.


Google search engine works by using key words, The more relevant key words are, the more likely something is going to show up.

Okay, you got that part right? The next thing i will bring up are news articles. news articles all have a headline now this can be a paper news article or an internet news article. Either way they’re going to have a headline.

An example can be seen here(click the image to be redirected to a site that shows more examples):



A headline is one sentence that quickly sums up what the article will be about. Sort of like how “click bait” is used on the internet. For example “three black teenagers savagely beat white student on bus”


Due to the fact that there is an article written about 3 black teenagers committing a crime, the search result becomes relevant. If you take a look at the first photo i provided this same article is one of the top posts on The poster’s Google search. Do you see how keywords will make something show up? 

If we change the google search to be less specific, the results change.


As well as if we add the word “news” to “white teenagers”


The only thing that this person is showing is that there are more relevant sources about black teenagers committing crimes, than there are of white teenagers doing so. Although crimes are committed by what seems to be every race. Before you judge black people for crimes check out the FBI Crime Charts [here]


This article was not made to show who, or who is not privileged, but to show that an example like the one shown can not be used as a credible source of evidence.

Is Google racist?

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