Pokemon Sun And Moon: Host Your Own Competitions & Train your pokemon with Hyper Training

Pokemon has realised new insights on two new funtions for “pokemon Sun & Moon”

Host your own competitions on the Pokémon Global Link:


The customizable rules in Pokémon Global Link hosted tournaments are as follows:

Name – The Name of the competition Description – The Description of the competition

Ruleset – Currently only Singles & Doubles are listed

Pokédex – Currently can select Alola Pokédex or National Pokédex

Restrictions – Can choose whether to be Pokémon Sun/Moon only or to include Pokémon transfered via Pokémon Bank

Duration – The length of the competition

Timer – The duration of battles | 10 minutes or 30 minutes.

Battles Per Day – The number of battles allowed per day

Competition Type – Public or Private

Participating Trainers – Everyone or Specified Trainers, with a selection allowing you to specify trainers

Hyper Training


Hyper Training allows Pokémon level 100 will be able to increase their individual stats.

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