Someone Cut 20 Everyday Objects In Half To Satisfy Your Curiosity!

We’ve all been curious from time to time about what the inside of certain things look like. While you can cut a sub sandwich in half and see exactly what you want, it’s not quite as easy to do that with a submarine.

And for other things that you can tear apart, good luck putting them back together.

Lucky for you, these people captured the incredible insides of items you might not normally get such an intimate look at (all without worrying that you broke it).

1.  Toothpaste

2. A car 3.  Grenades 4. A rotary engine 5.  Bullets 6. A lock 7.  A jawbreaker 8.A gun, and a silencer
9.  A digital camera and lens 10. A bowling ball 11. A CT scanner 12. A wasp’s nest 13. An aeroplane 14. A walnut
15. Deadmau5’s helmet
16. An aloe leaf 17. Various wires and cables 18. A mechanical calculator 19. A hockey helmet and a football helmet 20.  A container ship