20 Awesome “Ice Cream Sandwich” Comics

Life sucks sometimes. Whether it’s the annoying little day-to-day moments getting you down, or a consuming sense of existential dread, it’s easy to start feeling like nobody understands your problems. That’s where Ice Cream Sandwich Guy comes in, and his comics just might help you laugh off some of that stubborn despair. The artist, who…

20+ Dark, Desolate Places Are Hiding Everywhere

America’s shopping malls are disappearing at an alarming rate. The shopping mall used to be one of the quintessential American experiences. Due to shifting economic trends, malls are now going the way of the dinosaurs. As America’s malls slowly and quietly make their exit, photographer Seph Lawless documents their decline. His latest book of photography, Black Friday (2014),…

20 Pictures You Wouldn’t Believe Are Taken With A Smartphone

For me photography has always been about capturing that great moment in time. It doesn’t matter what camera you’re using as long as your photo reflects the greatness you saw in a that glimpse of a second, in that landscape or in that person. I do believe that the best camera is the one you…

20 Amazing Historical Photographs You Probably Don’t Know About

Sometimes even a tiny detail can completely change our view of history. We at That One Guy With glasses collected 20 striking facts that will let you delve into the unexplored chapters of history and look at the world from a different angle. 1. And here is a picture of Germany in the 1930s. 2. A bedroom for maids, England, 1843. 3. “Successful fishing,” USSR, 1924.

Someone Cut 20 Everyday Objects In Half To Satisfy Your Curiosity!

We’ve all been curious from time to time about what the inside of certain things look like. While you can cut a sub sandwich in half and see exactly what you want, it’s not quite as easy to do that with a submarine. And for other things that you can tear apart, good luck putting…

20 Useful Pieces of Advice Before Going on a Trip

When going on a trip, we all want everything to be perfect. We also don’t want to waste time, money, and energy. We at That One Guy With glasses collected for you some useful advice that can greatly facilitate any trip and help to get rid of many unnecessary worries. 1. ’Fragile’ stickers 2. A different meal on a plane 3. Careful clothes storage

20 Astoundingly Odd Vegetables That Look Like Something Else

Nature has an excellent sense of humor. Sometimes, it creates things so strange that we just can’t stop admiring them. All you need is a bit of imagination, and you’ll be staring at the following 20 vegetables for hours, too! 1. Heart Grapes 2. hmm.. 3. Mr. Eggplant

20 Life Lessons From Cats

There’s a lot us, humans, can learn from our feline friends. 21 examples below from New York Times bestselling authors & illustrators Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar, who have just launched a new cats project called Tess & Lion. 1. Life Lessons From Cats 2. Life Lessons From Cats 3. Life Lessons From Cats

20 utterly magnificent doors from around the world

Functional, solid, and welcoming, we tend not to give them a second thought. A literal gateway between one place and the next, there is a majestic mystery in what wonders might be found behind a closed door. That One Guy With glasses have curated a selection of the most beautiful and unusual doors from around the world, from the regal, to the rustic and the downright magnificent. 1. Miami,…

20 Hilarious Comics By War And Peas That End With Unexpected Endings

We all love to read comics and it becomes more interesting when it ends with an unexpected twist. Webcomics have been in trend now for a long time. They are smart, funny, sarcastic and you can totally relate them with your daily life.Over the past, a ton of great Webcomics was uploaded to the Internet but…

20 of the Sweetest Comics That ”The Simpsons” Artist Draws After Work

We’ve already written about Liz Climo, one of the talented artists of The Simpsons, who draws charming simple comics. Her main characters are bears, rabbits, sharks, crocodiles, and hamsters, all amusing and free. We at That One Guy With Glasses fell in love with her humor and offer you another set of great comics. 1.  2.  3. 

20+ Comics That Accurately Capture The First Year Of Motherhood

As any new mom will know, motherhood isn’t easy. It’s tiring, it’s time-consuming, and, for the first couple of years at least, you’ll spend most of your days covered in baby food, bodily fluid and other random substances that won’t come out in the wash. Despite all this however, new mom Alison Wong can see the…

20+ Incredibly Clever Comics By Shanghai Tango

It isn’t difficult to see why we adore the art of Shanghai Tango. We’ve previous featured the anonymous artist’s work here and here and now we bring you the ultimate list of our favorite comics to date. The artist draws brilliantly witty cartoons that are made all the more clever because of their incredible simplicity….

20 Superb Illustrations That Absolutely Every Parent Will Understand

Brian Gordon is both an artist and a father who knows all the ins and outs of parenting first hand. That’s why his comics ring so authentic and true — lots of moms and dads out there can see themselves in the situations he depicts in his cartoons. We picked out 20 of the most hilarious comics from this ingenious artist’s website, Fowl Language Comics, for you to enjoy….