20 Of The Worst Band Names Ever

In search for the worst band names ever, one can’t help but marvel at two things: first at the mountain of awful that is out there and the fascination that metal bands have with putting Hitler in the title. Here are 20 of the worst band names ever thought up.   1. Enuff z’nuff. 2….

20 Jennifer Lawrence Pictures That Prove She’s A Fashionista!

Jennifer Lawrence is one heck of a fashionista! Check out the Jennifer Lawrence pictures that show that she has a way with fashion, latest trends, and style. 1.  When casual meets formal. What do you think of this? Casual meets formal. 2. She knows how to carry different outfits so well. 3. When beauty meets elegance.

27 Hidden Mistakes You’ve Probably Missed In Your Favorite Movies

Major Hollywood productions cost millions of dollars and their development involves thousands of people. For this reason it’s difficult to find the final version of a movie containing any kind of mistake. Difficult, but not impossible. These are 27 of the most interesting mistakes you can find in Hollywood movies. Some are subtle, while some…